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A platform for storing and organising information and documentation. General information and documentation for BookStack can be found at https://www.bookstackapp.com/.

Development & Testing

All development on BookStack is currently done on the master branch. When it's time for a release the master branch is merged into release with built & minified CSS & JS then tagged at it's version. Here are the current development requirements:

SASS is used to help the CSS development and the JavaScript is run through browserify/babel to allow for writing ES6 code. Both of these are done using gulp. To run the build task you can use the following commands:

# Build assets for development
npm run-script build

# Build and minify assets for production
npm run-script production

# Build for dev (With sourcemaps) and watch for changes
npm run-script dev

BookStack has many integration tests that use Laravel's built-in testing capabilities which makes use of PHPUnit. To use you will need PHPUnit installed and accessible via command line. There is a mysql_testing database defined within the app config which is what is used by PHPUnit. This database is set with the following database name, user name and password defined as bookstack-test. You will have to create that database and credentials before testing.

The testing database will also need migrating and seeding beforehand. This can be done with the following commands:

php artisan migrate --database=mysql_testing
php artisan db:seed --class=DummyContentSeeder --database=mysql_testing

Once done you can run phpunit in the application root directory to run all tests.


As part of BookStack v0.14 support for translations has been built in. All text strings can be found in the resources/lang folder where each language option has its own folder. To add a new language you should copy the en folder to an new folder (eg. fr for french) then go through and translate all text strings in those files, leaving the keys and file-names intact. If a language string is missing then the en translation will be used. To show the language option in the user preferences language drop-down you will need to add your language to the options found at the bottom of the resources/lang/en/settings.php file. A system-wide language can also be set in the .env file like so: APP_LANG=en.

You will also need to add the language to the locales array in the config/app.php file.

Some strings have colon-prefixed variables in such as :userName. Leave these values as they are as they will be replaced at run-time.


Feel free to create issues to request new features or to report bugs and problems. Just please follow the template given when creating the issue.

Pull requests are very welcome. If the scope of your pull request is very large it may be best to open the pull request early or create an issue for it to discuss how it will fit in to the project and plan out the merge.

Website, Docs & Blog

The website project docs & Blog can be found in the BookStackApp/website repo.


The BookStack source is provided under the MIT License.


These are the great open-source projects used to help build BookStack: